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Ok, something weird is happening. I've been gradually reducing my carb intake by cutting out most grains. Yet I'm not freaking out. My response to the idea of low-carb has always been, "Oh, hell no." Just thinking about it would make me feel edgy and defensive. I'd have to go make a sandwich to calm down. Kind of the same deal with doing 30 days of Paleo eating. As soon as I declared my self "one of them" and committed to no grains or sugar, I went kind of bonkers and started fantasizing about the Italian food bonanza and epic dessert I was going to eat as soon as it was over. 

It seems to be the act of committing to a diet plan or applying a label that causes the chaos. If I just play with an idea, doing it in a part-time, half-ass, no-stress way, I'm able to make more changes with less backlash than if I vow to do it "right." For example, after reading Wheat Belly, I've been toying with the idea of eating less wheat. If I'd declared myself gluten-free, I'm sure I'd have had a fit of rebellion and gone straight to Panera Bread to make it all better. As it is, I'm just experimenting with other food options. The only wheat I ended up eating last week were a pizza crust and an ice cream cone. You know, the important wheat. :-D

This week, I'm toying with the idea of skipping my day-off mixing bowl of air popped popcorn. I'm going to maybe have some cheese and nuts and dark chocolate instead and see how that goes. Next week I might try an experimental gluten-free pizza I saw at the grocery store. It has a cheese-based crust! No grain at all. I don't remember the name. It was in a red box, frozen. Anybody know what I'm talking about?

How about you? Does committing to a specific diet or applying a label cause problems? Have you found a way around it? Or do you prefer the structure and guidelines of joining a group or following a plan?

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