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General About Me
I am a career-focused 45-year-old who is blessed with an amazingly supportive husband and 2 great kids.

Food and Dieting Journey
In the past 3 years, I had lost 20+ pounds slowly through tracking on Cals in vs Cals out. The biggest achievement is that I have transformed into a workout bunny and, finally, genuinely love exercising and have incorporated lots of progressively intensive workouts into my daily life. People even come to me for advice. Then, my bulimia returned. It was untreated 20 years ago but went away throughout my late 20s till now. I am certain it is because of my restricted mindset in the past 3 years, the mental stress of counting, even though technically I never starved myself. As the binge cycles did not stop for 3-4 months, I decided to start therapy. My therapist specializes in ED and the first thing she wanted me to do is to practise intuitive eating.

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