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About Me
General About Me
I am from Australia, I work for a government department and I have two gorgeous children and a frankly amazing husband who is always supportive and just one of the best things to ever happen to me.

Food and Dieting Journey
Began emotional eating in my teens, and very quickly became overweight. In my early 20s I shed all of the excess weight using Herbalife while living in London and got to where people were worried I was 'too thin' but I still thought I was fat. I ate low carb and used Herbalife and walked everywhere but I also started to unleash and binge on foods I had forbidden. Mostly, the weight stayed off. Falling pregnant with my son and my unrealistic expectations around fitting back into my jeans in the hospital after the birth meant I put enormous pressure on myself to lose the weight. In reality, my weight went up although it still wasn't high. It took two years to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I managed along ok until baby #2, my daughter came along when I was 37. Talk about insanity! I was exhausted, trying to breastfeed when it just wasn't happening and still trying to lose weight. That's when I took up running - every single day. And strangely, I didn't lose any weight either! All I did was just burn myself into the ground. Enter Dukan diet and more restrictive eating until I lost all the weight again. But then a funny thing happened when I turned 41. Restriction appeared to have lost its effectiveness. So last year I was combing the Internet looking for a way to solve my emo eating issues, when I happened across Isabel Foxen Duke's work and a whole new world just opened up. Then I found Happy Eaters, and I am a newbie starting a new journey with the help of excellent approaches by Georgie Fear and the work of Josie Spinardi. I feel good though.

Baking (of course!), travelling when I get the chance, and I love fashion and retail a bit too much

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