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General About Me
I'm 52. My real name is Roberta Saum. I'm a retired software engineer (Hewlett Packard 25 years), I'm currently a reserve Deputy Sheriff (working part time as a volunteer). I'm happily married (25 years) and my husband Randy is also a reserve deputy and is currently studying organic chemistry.

Food and Dieting Journey
I've been a runner and weight lifter for over 30 years. I've been over fat for about 20 years, slowing crept up to the lower end of obesity in my 40's. I'm not an emotional eater, I was mainly unaware of calories especially as such a small person. I literally ran marathon after marathon and lifted weights while continuing to slowing gain weight, until I simply learned to eat less.

Running, Venus Index Workouts. Cooking, reading, hiking, martial arts, outdoors.

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