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I'm an Art Teacher in Liverpool Uk.

Food and Dieting Journey
I started dieting at 15 ( not overweight - just gained a few adolescent curves) my first binge happened shortly after. I was bulimic from the ages of 17-28 but haven't had an episode since this time. I'm 48 and have spent the last 20 years alternating between periods of restriction (underweight) and periods of mad bingeing. Over the last 10 years my weight has stabilised ( although I have never been in the overweight category anyway!. I have maintained my weight by overeating at weekends and making up for it in the week. Completely obsessed with weighing and measuring every mouthful. So stressful! Anyway...I have attempted to let go of dieting and body obsession a number of times. I'm currently using Gillian Riley's Times and plans - as well as trying not to restrict and therefore not binge. Started doing yoga 6 months ago and am starting to be more mindful and less believing of my automatic thinking. This forum has hit a chord with me and I look forward to contributing and getting to know everyone.

Eating, not eating, nutrition, Art, film, reading, yoga, walking my dog.

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