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This picture is me with my husband & a friend photo bombing :-) I am not photogenic, so when I find a decent one... I'm 38, 5'2" & 130-something pounds. I trust my jeans more than the scale. I'm a happily (12 years) married wife to John and step-mom to two wonderful boys. The oldest is in college, and I'm homeschooling the youngest, getting him ready to start college next year. They are all musicians, and John & our oldest are in a band together. We go to shows and I take pictures and I get to listen incredible bands a few times a month. If you go to their website, - the top photo is one of mine. The handsome guy on the left is my husband (swoon), the ninja is my son, the lady in the cape is my best friend and running partner. So in between work, homeschool and band stuff I am trying increase my running endurance without getting hurt (again) and be stronger overall. For strength training I've been doing mostly Valerie Waters workouts at home. Sometimes I go to the gym since we have a family membership, but I'm just not a gym person yet. I plan to use the pool this winter though to improve my swimming skills.

Favorite food book: The End of Overeating. This book made me realize what the triggers were in junk food and take control. Never again will I eat a pound of Jelly Bellys until I have a stomach ache. Ahem. Twice. Just to read: anything by Heinlein, history books mainly 1300-1800s, Steig Larson, Freakonomics. Currently reading The Calculus Diaries (to get over my fear of calculus) and a couple other books. If anyone cares, we can trade book lists. I've read a lot and will read lots more.

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