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About Me
Food and Dieting Journey
I've been an anorexic teenager, a pudgy vegetarian, a strict dieter, and an obsessive follower of bodybuilding nutrition rules. Now I eat whatever I want and I'm a happy clam.

Fitness geek. Happy eater. Dog mom. Work in TV. Love scifi, strength training, kettlebells, TRX, yoga, iPhone, Apple, flip-flops, pie.

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Sep 26th 2016

Dear Skwigg,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for starting, maintaining & regularly attending this site. It is a miraculous place. I am learning so much by leaps & bounds & I owe this ALL to you. So many people have posted helpful things but yours surpasses them all. You are of such healthy mind & spirit & sound so normal with food/weight issues. The more I read, the more I chug along that uncomfortable freedom from disordered eating path. Even tonight, just a few minutes ago I made a decision to stop killing myself trying to weigh in the 90's. I read some old posts you wrote & it CLICKED. I decided I WILL have a '5 pound happy range' (as you called it) from 100-105 - still yikes, but too bad (my mental debate society chatter). I will increase my calories 1200-1300 which was my Dr's. recommendation in the first place that I have totally ignored. I am so sick of all the struggling & the mental battles every single minute of every single day. My husband was right- I can't have it both ways unless I want to keep up this torture. 

Your words are like a breath of fresh air & I am just so grateful to you skwigg. You are my new bff. Sounds nutty but you mean so very much to me in such a short period of time. If I can ever be of any help please let me know, I would love to give back after all I have been given.

XOXO! Shelli

Mar 17th 2016

Happy birthday!

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